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To provide young girls with the opportunity to dream, grow, and develop into positive, mature, young ladies with high morals and life goals through education, building self-confidence and establishing a sense of empowerment, resulting in their becoming effective change agents in their own lives and the lives of others.


To promote the advancement of education, self-efficacy, and avoiding self-defeating activities, in preparing young women to become independent, responsible adults. Our members learn to successfully navigate the challenges of adolescence through our leadership development programs.


Teens In Perspective, Inc./T.I.P. was incorporated as a Delaware Corporation in the Fall of 2004. The organization made its debut in October 2005 as a comprehensive leadership development and mentor program, and became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in March 2006. Teens In Perspective is committed to reaching out to young girls for the duration of their high school years, assisting in defining goals, encouraging teens to complete secondary education/training, and teaching life skills needed to plan for and build a successful adulthood.  T.I.P. promotes the advancement of education, economic independence, and self-efficacy, ultimately preparing young women to become independent, responsible adults. Teens In Perspective has served over 2,300 teens/parents through its programs and community outreach events, since its unveiling 18 years ago.

Past Workshops &Meetings

Meet The Team


Val Harris, MSW, MLSP

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TIP Creator & Executive Director


Kimberly J. Waples, M.S.

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Program Director (New Castle)


Angie Bivens

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Program Director (Sussex)

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